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wrecker-femme asked:

::Hey Hide,:: Chromia came on his comms. ::Wanna meet up?::




He slammed his brakes on, tyres screeching as he came to a stop. “Chromia?” he said to himself before he answered ::Chromia, I’d love nothing more. What are your co-ordinates?::

::Hangin’ out at a beach. Here.:: she shot him her coordinates. ::I think I’m not too far from you.::

::Perfect, about 20 humans minutes or less in my case:: he chuckled ::I’ll be right there:: He raced to the co-ordinates, banking off the highway he was on and on more public roads. A few moments later he arrived and pulled up in the parking area, scanning for Chromia.

After spotting her he honked his horn and flashed his headlights before transforming and walking over to her. “Its been a while Chromia, I didnt think i’d ever hear from you again”

Chromia glanced over her shoulder and smiled a bit. But then it faded… there was a sunken aura around him… “you alright, Hide…?”

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